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Ridge Analysis & Sports

Women's Race

The study of the Ridge/Personality analysis has been in use to determine the sports ability of a person. 

It is observed by scientists that the brain is mainly made up of neurons. A nerve cell receives signals from other neurons or sensory organs, processes these signals, and sends signals to other neurons, muscles or bodily organs.

A combination of sports abilities and angle of axial tridius reflect degree & speed of coordination between the nervous muscular system, reflecting one’s efficiency to perform in sports.

The angle of the axial tridius is an important train Ridge analysis. The angle of the axial tridius is formed by drawing lines between the triadic below the first and last digits and the most proximal tirades on the hyposthenia region of the palm.


Since the early 70's the Soviet Union had been applying the combined study of sports abilities and angle of axial tridius with the help of the Ridge analysis in selecting their top winning athletes.

In countries like China, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. the selection and rejection of the candidates depends upon the findings of the Ridge analysis & angle of axial tridius done to them.

In studies, it is found that the people with lower angle of axial tridius perform better in sports abilities and visa -versa.

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