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Ridge Analysis & Inborn Talent

The qualities we have as humans, both good or bad. Part of what exists in us as individuals from birth is called Innate.

The Ridge/Personality analysis is the best tool to understand the innateness of an individual. We human beings have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs in our hands and all ridges are different.

All the ridges presented on these fingers and thumbs are a direct representation of our brain intelligence.

Although there are numerous factors like pattern index factor, nerve growth factor etc. in determining the innateness of our personality, through the ridge/personality analysis studies have helped us understand it in the most simple manner.  Experts say that the finger with the highest number of ridges must be considered as part of our natural intelligence. 

The finger with the highest number of ridges must be representing a particular lobe and subsequently that particular lobe has predefined functions that belong  to a particular intelligence in our being.  So the highest innate potential of the person belongs to that particular lobe. Similarly, we can determine the average, above average and weak areas of the person with the help of the Ridge/Personality analysis.

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