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Ridge Scanning & Ridge Analysis

Ridge Scanning

The ridge scanning of your fingerprints is the first and most important part in the Ridge/Personality Analysis.


In today’s technologically strong world, a digital bio metric device is the most recommended way to scan one’s ridge patterns and it makes it easy and comfortable to do it from the comfort of your home and phone device. 


The ridges of your fingerprints must be captured through your phone camera with a clear white background to ensure the ridges are readable. 


Once that is complete we take it from there to provide you with your analysis

Ridge Analysis

The accurate reading of the  analysis is the foundation of the Ridge study. and its results.

The clear visibility of the delta cores and ridges is a must for an accurate analysis.

A magnifying glass, image processing software, and a pointer is highly recommended while analyzing the ridges.

One must consider the bifurcation, bifurcation, island, pond, broken ridge  and other important points while analyzing the Ridges.

The Ridge patterns and count of them, will determine the result of the Ridge/personality analysis.

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