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Research On Ridge Analysis

Research On Ridge Analysis

Ridge analysis has evolved over a period of time. There have been many scientists and researchers who have conducted their studies in regards to Ridge analysis. Some of them are mentioned below:

1823 - Marks the beginning of the scientific study of & nbsp;papillary ridges of the hands and feet, with the work of Jan Evangelista Purkyně

1858 - Sir William Herschel, 2nd Baronet, while in India, became the first European to realize the value of fingerprints for identification purposes 

1892 - Sir Francis Galton conducted extensive research on the importance of skin-ridge patterns, demonstrating their permanence and advancing the science of ridge identification with his book in 1892

1945 - Lionel Penrose, conducted his own ridge investigations as a part of his research into  Down syndrome and other congenital medical disorders

1982 - Seltzer, et al., conducted a study on patients with breast cancer, and concluded that the presence of six or more whorls on a woman's ridge pattern indicated her being at high risk for breast cancer

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