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I'm a Certified Practitioners of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Claudia Cordova

Allow me to introduce myself; 

My name is Claudia Cordova and I am a woman of Power and Excellence

Founder of; Life’s Journey to Excellence

I have been in business as an entrepreneur and in sales for the past 22 years of my life. I was in the financial industry as a financial analyst for 10 years, educating and assisting families with their financial situations. I was also in the Real Estate and Mortgage business and for the past 15 years, I owned a credit restoration company, assisting families with their credit issues and giving educational classes and workshops for their credit success.  I have assisted hundreds of families over the years with their financial challenges and have been a part of their achievements, their goals, and their dreams.  

I am also a proud mother of two beautiful boys Jonah who is now 11 years old and Joshua who is now 10.  I do have to say they are my greatest gift and a dream come true and my teachers in so many ways. I love being a mother.

For many years I questioned what my purpose in life was.  I’m pretty sure we all have been there at some point or another.  I recall attending many seminars, classes, workshops, events and they all were motivating but as time passed I felt like the excitement and motivation would disappear and I would find myself looking for the next one, the next speaker, the next thing to fill my little energy tank to keep me going with excitement.  I knew I loved Psychology and NLP I just wanted to find the right leader, the right teacher, the one place that would teach the real science of living with excellence where it becomes a win, win, for everyone.  And guess what when you ask life, God, the universe, it guides you to the right people at the right time. I found my answer and my purpose and founded “Life’s Journey to Excellence” I do have to be honest, I thought I was taking my classes my certifications to become a leader/a coach/a mentor and instead I found self-transformation which I will forever be grateful for because when you become you can teach and then lead others as well. 

Thank you Stacey O’byrne

“Life’s Journey to Excellence” is the place where we will teach you techniques, strategies, the science of living with excellence, and how to use your greatness when you are with yourself and how to tap into it. Communication styles, Learning styles, what career you should follow based on your personality and find your own success. 

I love seeing the transformation between parents and their children, husband, and wives, business owners and their employees, friendships that will last longer.  We are not taught communication and how we all learn differently and understand things differently so in the path we make mistakes based on what we know and what we don’t know which causes a lot of confusion, fear, pain, stress, anxiety and in this country a lot of depression.  This is why my dream is to work with people to teach the basics of communication to change and transform all these issues that have a very simple solution and the right tools that can be used over and over again.  The possibility to reach our excellence and greatness that already exists within us all.   We are just missing the “how” to use what we already have to reach and achieve all the things that we deserve, want and should have.  Happiness, Success, Love, Peace, Joy, Prosperity, and any other thing that is part of your dream list, we all want different things in life and we all deserve to have them. 

I believe God brought us into this life to be happy and to be people of excellence but just like everything in life at times we need guidance, education, and a mentor. I am grateful to live in such a beautiful country full of opportunity and freedom of choice. We have the limitless opportunity to Learn, Grow, Find success, Open a business, take a class, be the best parent, have the best marriage or relationship, move around,  and/or design your life as you wish it to be or not, because doing nothing is also a choice and how beautiful is that.  We get to choose either way.

So with that, I wish for everyone out there to find Love, Prosperity, and I would love to be the one to be by your side in your Journey to Excellence and see your life transformed. 

With lots of love and appreciation 

Claudia Cordova

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